NMV:Tour de Mallorca 2018

Cyclists from New Malden Velo in Mallorca 2018
New Malden Velo Cyclists in Mallorca

This year saw 8 New Malden Velo members (Jeff, Luca, me, Malcolm, Iain, Ben P, Andrew, and Jeff’s sort-of-brother-in-law, John) head to Puerto Pollensa, seeking sun after a cold Pyrenees tour in 2017. We weren’t disappointed!

Despite my utter paranoia that something was going to go wrong, all logistics performed seamlessly, and we left from Gatwick Tuesday night via Norwegian Air, picked up by coach, and deposited at the Hotel Uyal on the beach at Puerto Pollensa late in the evening (pleasantly provided with a late dinner). I say “seamlessly”, forgetting Jeff’s argument (a rare thing indeed) with the taxi driver to Gatwick (“you can definitely fit 3 bike boxes in a Ford Galaxy”), and Ben’s bent quick-release skewer as “force majeure” and nothing to do with me…

New Malden velo cycling tour, Hotel Uyal, Mallorca
Hotel Uyal

Hotel Uyal

What ensued was 4 days of some of the most fantastic and varied cycling we’ve ever experienced, including mountains, long flats, monasteries, lighthouses, village stops in church squares, and restaurants that say they sell pizza, but really don’t. Oh and quite a lot of swearing as we climbed 6500m and travelled 442km. We always aimed to get back to the hotel by 4pm for some “pool time”, but without fail arrived back at 5.30pm, having to console ourselves with lager in “Tolos” the local cycling bar/café, renowned for it’s Wiggo memorabilia (tough times).

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