NMV:Tour de Mallorca Day 2

Soller: 6 hrs 29 mins, 2390 metres of climbing, 133km

So for day 2 we reversed the Sa Calobra route, heading through the mountains back, close to the Coll de Reis, but carried on to the pretty town of Soller.

Now, here it’s worth mentioning that only 7 of us did the full loop. Can you guess from these toes who turned around and fancied some sunbathing instead? (Clue – his name is also a measure for electricity…)

New Malden Velo Mallorca tour 2018, sunbathing
Sunbathing by the pool

Anyhow, back on the ride, we wound our way close to Puig Major, the highest point on the island, passed stunning reservoirs, and through suffocating tunnels, passed Fornalutx, and down into the busy town of Soller. From there we were met with the road (no bicyles allowed) tunnel, so we headed up and over the Col. Here we probably had our finest lunch, feasting at a quiet, English run restaurant at the top of the climb, discovering the local dish of Pa Amb Oli. From there, it was back, going around the back of Puig de sa Creu, passed Inca, riding through picturesque and undulating quiet country roads, back to Puerta Pollensa, of course for our 5.30pm Tolos rendez vous.

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