Ride details

We ride every Sunday morning.


Rides are as follows:

  • Most rides begin at 7am, meeting at Woodies Pub just outside the barriers, see map below. Norm is to head towards the Surrey Hills or Windsor (depending on weather or how fit we are feeling!), travelling 80-100 Kilometres. We’re normally back by 11-11.30am, stopping for a coffee, and averaging around 16mph

  • On the last Sunday of every month we have an ‘Introductory’ ride, starting at the same location but at the later time of 9am. We are usually back for 12pm, after a stop for coffee, and travel between 40-50 Kilometres averaging around 14mph


It’s usual to come out for a couple of rides, see if you like it before you join officially.

For more details of COVID 19 restrictions please visit the Covid page.

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