Aims of the New Malden Velo Women’s cycle Group

  • To encourage more women to try out group cycling with a club.
  • To empower women in cycling and create space for them to develop confidence in their ability to ride on (and sometimes off) the road.
  • To create a community space for women to find common ground through a love of cycling.
  • To help women to find other likeminded cyclists to exercise or just socialise with.

Do you cater for women like me?

Whilst It may be true that cycling can be a mainly male dominated sport, don’t let that put you off. NMV has a predominately male membership, but it’s a decent sized club with riders across a range of abilities. This means there’s now also a strong female contingent. NMV stands out as a friendly and inclusive club. There is no ‘typical’ member in the women’s cycle group – you will naturally gravitate towards those who cycle at your speed. Because of this, you’ll make a diverse group of new cycling friends. We’re the kind of club that will always stop to help you change a puncture, not leave you behind.

Your next challenge awaits

As well as rides to Box Hill, Windsor and an annual Isle of Wight trip, we run a monthly women’s intro road ride at 9am on the second Saturday of the month. With a coffee stop halfway round, this is the best way to come and meet us. The intro ride is as slow as it needs to be and don’t worry if you don’t ride with a road bike and/or cleats, those of you lucky enough to own an electric bike are welcome to join too. Even if you’re a fast rider, why not spend a relaxing and social Saturday morning meeting some of us established club riders? Maybe you can sign up to the next cycling challenge. There’s no pressure either way – whether you’re a lady who just likes to join us once every couple of months for a social Saturday morning pedal, the next Marianne Vos or something in between, come and give us a try. More details on rides are available on the ride details page.

Come and ride with the NMV Women’s cycle group

Women's Intro ride cyclists ready for the off at starting point of Woodies freehouse. Run by New Malden Velo Women's cycle group.

To find out more drop us a note using the form below using NMV women’s cycle group in the subject field.

Where ‘women’ is mentioned as a term, this also includes all non-binary, gender-nonconforming individuals and trans women.

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