We organise rides on various days and throughout the year but our regular club ride day is Sunday morning. Below are the ride details.

Rides are as follows:

  • Most rides begin at Woodies Freehouse towards the road entrance, see map below. We tend to head towards the Surrey Hills or Windsor (depending on the weather or how fit we are feeling!). We’re normally back by midday after stopping for a coffee and cake. Usually, we have a number of groups of varying length and speed to cater to most abilities.
  • On the last Sunday of every month we run an ‘Introductory’ ride, starting at the same location but at the later time of 9am. We are usually back for 12pm, after a stop for coffee. Distances of intro rides are between 40-50 Kilometres at a very easy pace with a no drop approach.
  • There is a Women’s only intro ride on the second Saturday of each month. Starting at Woodies at 9am, the distance is usually around 30km at a relaxed social pace.
  • We run park laps around Richmond park during the summer months and also for the women’s intro ride occasionally. These rides will usually start at Ladderstile gate entrance.
  • Advice on how to prepare and what to expect are available in the ride advice PDF below.
Club ride to Windsor pictured at the end of the long walk leading to Windsor castle. Information on Ride details are provided.

You are welcome to come out for a couple of rides, see if you like it before you join officially but we have no waitlist or entry requirements, just a bike and the willingness to ride it. Ride details here are not exhaustive but typical of some of the main rides we organise.