The beast from the east has gone, time to dust off that bike and get cycling!

Dinesh and other NMV riders on an introductory ride, preparing for summer cycling.
Coffee and cake stop at the Medicine garden in Cobham

The year hasn’t started well if you’re a cyclist, snow rain and most of all cold. It has taken some of the fun out of cycling. The worst of that seems to be behind us now and its time to start getting on your bike. It’s time to start getting ready for summer cycling.

The weather was starting to improve a little in April and you start to see more people riding their bikes. It gives us hope but it also that you can start training for that event that you signed up for. Start your fitness training plan or just plain enjoy the great scenery and countryside.

April Introductory ride, summer cycling starts now

We started the introductory rides last year as a way for more people to begin enjoying cycling and find out the joys of being part of a cycling club. Cycling clubs can seem intimidating for those of us new to cycling, so you can join the New Malden Velo monthly introductory rides and find out how much fun you can have with some great people. Start enjoying your summer cycling.

April’s ride was a little colder than we were hoping for but lots of people turned up at the start in south lane parade. The weather will improve from now and summer cycling can truly begin.We took a flatter route than normal out to Cobham via Epsom, thanks to the marvellous skills of our Chief navigator Marco and rode out to one of our favourite stops at the Medicine Garden in Cobham. After having great cake and coffee as usual, we made our way home. It was an enjoyable if cold day.

If you are interested in joining one of our introductory rides, you can find details on the events page here.


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