Medicine garden bench in Cobham. Cafe stop for the May Introductory ride.

Boxhill blast

The May introductory ride was looking a bit uncertain when we saw the weather forecast. Dramatic storms were predicted so we decided to stick to a tried and trusted route. And not venture too far so we could turn back if the weather worsened. 

A small group of us did the traditional Pre-intro Box Hill blast at 7. And while it was slightly cold there was no sign of stormy weather. 

My Garmin decided it didn’t want to display the route so we relied on our familiarity with the ride. We agreed a ride leader and back marker (Lantern Rouge) and headed off. 

Welcoming the new faces on the Introductory ride

In the event the weather was lovely and sunny and a mix of regulars and new riders had a great ride down to the medicine garden cafe in Cobham for some delicious cake and coffee. 

It was lovely to see new faces and we look forward to welcoming them to the club and on our regular Sunday rides. I know new riders often worry about being able to keep up, especially on the hilly rides but we will always make sure we have a nominated Lantern Rouge to look after new riders as they build or regain their fitness. 

We take a relaxed pace on the Introductory ride. It gives us a chance to chat to new people joining the ride. Giving riders more information about the club is the purpose of the ride.

One of the greatest pleasures in the club is seeing how much fitter and faster (and thinner!) people get after a few months of regular riding. 

Want to join an introductory ride?

Women’s only introductory ride

Open Introductory ride


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