The route taken on the tour de Mallorca, including the climb of Sa Calobra.
Sa Calobra loop route

Tour de Mallorca Day one: Sa Calobra loop, 5 hrs 40 mins, 2072 metres of climbing, 118km

Jeff, climbing one of the most famous ascents in the tour de Mallorca, Sa Calobra
Jeff Climbing Sa Calobra

“We won’t leave anyone behind” is meant to be the NMV motto, and of course we lost Iain after 100 yards of leaving the hotel (and I am still not sure how that happened). We hadn’t even got to Sa Calobra yet!

Anyhow, we followed the coast, headed through the less-pretty backs streets of Alcudia, past the even less-scenic power station, and then headed inland, looping around Sa Pobla, getting lost in Campanet, and then up the stunning climb of Sa Batalla, before plummeting down into the small seaside resort of Sa Calobra – one of the iconic Mallorcan cycle routes, made famous by it’s shoe-tie loop spiral bridge, and hairpin bends, created by Italian engineer Antonio Parietti.

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