Map of cap Formentor route on the Tour de Mallorca.
Cap de Formentor route map

Cap de Formentor 2 hrs 12 mins, 837 metres of climbing, 43km

Difficult to pick out highlights from the tour de Mallorca. But the final day was breath-taking and for me was my favourite moment. Still plenty of climbing to get through, but surprisingly we all summoned the energy to finish off our tour with the iconic ride out to Formentor lighthouse.

From start to finish, this ride delivered the most incredible scenery. To cap our good fortune, we experienced no wind (unlike Iain). Whereas Formentor lighthouse and its cliff-top roads are renowned for being pretty blowy and scary.

Simon celebrating a Tour de Mallorca ride with a pint with some members of NMV.
Simon celebrating beating Andrew and Jeff up the climbs

Waving goodbye to the Tour de Mallorca

Again, all the logistics clicked together perfectly. We arrived back in time, checked out, disassembled bikes, and even had a couple of hours to be able to finally have a pizza (of course in Tolos), before being met by the coach back to Palma airport. We waved a fond farewell to the tour de Mallorca and returned via the excellent Norwegian Air.

Club member Malcom approaching blue gorge reservoir on the Tour de Mallorca.
Malcolm Approaching blue gorge reservoir

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