Football commentators often like to say “It’s a game of two halves”. This ride certainly fit the bill. The first part saw us battling the elements as we headed West, especially through Windsor Great Park. On the way back, Mother Nature rewarded us for our efforts, with a very welcome tailwind!

Choosing the Windsor ride

The night before there was much deliberation on routes. An amber weather warning of high gusty winds was issued for the whole of the South East. Was Windsor the sensible option or would we get more shelter in the hills? Eventually, lured by the prospect of coffee and cake at the always excellent Cinnamon Cafe, we reached a consensus.

Come 7 am, twelve us met outside Woodies ready to test our legs and release some endorphins.

NMV cyclists getting ready to depart for Windsor

One member was celebrating his birthday but he politely declined our proposed “gift” of letting him ride on the front. Out of consideration for early morning motorists we opted to split into two groups. Yet in a sign that we probably all preferred PE to maths at school, twelve quickly divided into seven and five.

Heading out to Windsor

The journey out saw us heading to Windsor Great Park via Chertsey, Chobham and Walton-on-Thames. Heavy rainfall overnight and some fallen tree branches meant we had to be careful. However, it was great to see all members looking out for each other and warning of possible hazards with hand signals and clear shouts.

Windsor Great Park

The park itself was perhaps the most exposed part of the route. As we worked hard to reach our destination we all appreciated the new smooth tarmac though were less impressed by the unforgiving and non-bike friendly speed bumps.

Break stop at Cinnamon cafe

Soon we arrived at the Cinnamon Cafe where we could warm up and refuel. If you’ve never been then the cinnamon bun is delicious and a must-try.

NMV cyclists at the cinnamon cafe in Windsor.

Having said that, judging by the burst of speed shown by one our riders on the way home from Windsor, the spiced ginger muffin is the food of choice if you’re after elite athletic performance!

Ride like the wind

With the wind at our backs the journey home was fast and fun, taking place as it did in glorious sunshine. Personal bests were recorded left, right and centre on Strava as we took advantage of the favourable conditions.

A slight confusion on the route saw some members head through Runnymede while the rest of us headed up and over the hill at Englefield Green. Fortunately, we all regrouped before the finish as we cycled through Surbiton to Berrylands.

Have you been thinking about getting out on your bike once the clocks change and the weather improves? If so, why not come along on our next intro ride?

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